Caffè Borghetti, liquore di vero caffè espresso
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A story long 55 years

In a little town in the middle of Italy, land of poetry, Ugo Borghetti, poet and cafè owner, perceives the power of change and invents a coffee liqueur “[…]with an excellent formula” that relieves consumers. In this very simple way it was born this real espresso liqueur that inspires from the beginning positive sentiments and strong social aggregation.

We are in 1860. Italy – as a country – is still taking shape and its population is trembling not only for the historical events, but also for the new inventions that in Western Europe are strongly changing people habits.

Caffè Borghetti’s aftertaste, with a touch of alcool that allows a perfect conservation, immediately conqueres the attention of a market in constant evolution: Borghetti’s liqueur is prized with the success.


Years later, after revolutions, wars and social evolution, Caffè Borghetti reaches the international reputation thanks to Fratelli Branca Distillerie, that acquires the brand, making it an icon for all the spare time, sport, social interactions and democracy lovers.

Today society lives under a period of frequent changes, but Caffè Borghetti still promotes friendships and conviviality thanks to its energy bearer of positive feelings, following the motto “Novare Serbando”, where innovation and memory are the eyes to look at the future. From these two words a more than a century knowledge aims to improve both life and spirit quality.